Who is AEHS?

AEHS is dedicated to providing your outcomes as a disability support service. Quality services in community settings are maintained through understanding your care requirements, working together to put your plan into action and recruitment and training direct care staff with the skills and empathy to meet your ongoing care needs and personal aspirations. We have the resources and experience to be able to deliver a fully professional service, as well as the caring philosophy to operate with integrity and commitment to your best interests.
It’s your care ... so you choose.


  • To assist people with disabilities according to their individual needs and choices, to become as independent as possible
  • To develop links between existing support services for people with disabilities
  • To encourage maximized access and participation by consumers and to enhance independent living
  • To provide support and respite to carers.

Outcomes for Consumers

As a consumer of our services you should:

  • know about what we can and cannot do to meet your requirements
  • feel comfortable asking for service
  • receive fair and reasonable treatment
  • know your rights and your responsibilities in relation our services
  • be informed of decisions made and the reasons they are made
  • receive appropriate and on time services
  • be aware of the complaints procedure and how to use it
  • be confident of privacy and confidentiality
  • have access to an advocate of your choice
Some of these outcomes are discussed in the information in this Handbook; others will become evident over time as we deliver our service to you. You are welcome to contact AEHSat any time to discuss your service. It is your care so it remains your choice.

Principles of Service Delivery

We will endeavour to provide its services in accordance with the following principles:

  • Consumers are the focus of ATHCS’s service.
  • Each consumer is an individual.
  • Consumers have a right to make choices in their lives
  • AEHS recognises that consumers have a right to refuse a service.
  • Consumers have a right to dignity, respect, privacy and confidentiality.
  • The community has a right to expect AEHS to be an accountable service.
As a consumer you are entitled to expect your service to be delivered in accordance with these principles - if you feel that we are not living up to these principles, we invite you to let us know.