Personal and Domestic Support

The types of personal services we provide include:

  • Personal care
  • Home care
  • In-home and community-based respite care
  • Escorted shopping, outings and appointments
  • Overnight care
  • Intensive short-term assistance

Support Coordination

We cover a wide range of services. Working together with you to put your plan into action. This can include:

  • Assistance in sourcing the provider with the expertise you need
  • Coordinating a range of supports
  • Building on informal supports such as your family
  • Resolving points of crisis

Life Transition Planning

We offer interventions to support individuals who are experiencing significant periods of change or transition when there is increasing complexity concerning their situation.

In particular we can offer support to those who may need to transition from disability supports into an aged care setting or for young people who may be leaving the care of Children's Welfare Departments.


We offer one to one mentoring to support achieving specific goals and skills. Mentors are matched based wherever possible on general compatibility.
You are involved in the recruitment and selection of your mentor, Mentoring will focus on the development of skills that empower individuals to live as independently as possible and encourage interests that will lead to a quality filled life.

Social & Community Participation

Direct Support can be provided in group settings, one-on-one, holidays and during regular activities.

Direct Support

Our main purpose to ensure that our participants have all the necessary supports required to assist an individual to:

  • Lead an independent life active in the community
  • Assist with daily living activities
  • Encourage and enhance community inclusion

Daily Living

Interaction can assist you to live as independently as possible, within a range of environments including your own home.