Explore our Short, medium or long-term accommodation.

AEHS Short, medium or long-term accommodation service provides families and unpaid carers of a person with a disability with planned, short-term, time-limited breaks from their usual caring role.

At AEHS we appreciate that carers sometimes need a break. Census Community Solutions provides positive and meaningful experiences for the people with a disability, at the same time as giving carers a break from their usual care-giving role.

Short term accommodation can be provided up to two weeks at any given time. Our planning and support arrangements respond to the individual needs of people requiring respite. We work with other stakeholders to ensure that people receive continuity of care whilst residing with us.

AEHS has short term accommodation vacancies for 18 years old and above.

We have the facilities and trained staff to meet the increased needs for respite care and serve more families in the local community.