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We can help you maintain a hygienic and clean home environment.

Personal Care

We help participants who have high-level mobility issues groom and feel more at ease in social surroundings.

Social Support

We offer a high level of companion care so that you have someone around you can depend upon.

Pick & Drop Services

We offer short or long term services according to you personal situation.


Doctor’s Appointments

We will assist you to make doctor's appointments and help you get there on time!

Respite Day Program

Lets us help you overcome your challenges on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis.

Day Care Programs

We will help you care for your children in those times that you cannot.

Overnight/Sleeper Programs

Need help overnight? No problem we will send a qualified professional to help you with your needs.

Australian Epic Health Services

Develop a service to your needs where you have the choice and control over every aspect of the delivery of those services. Quality sustainable programs are our goal. We strive at all times to remain a personal service where you are not a stranger and we are accessible to all. Every option should be discussed and often achieved. Just email, phone or find us on social media.

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